The week before news headlines read “xenophobia spreads across country”.

The community seemed to be intentionally avoiding the topic as we are still recovering from the 2008 riots that spread across Cape Town from Du Noon. Unfortunately it was at a unity event that the riots started so we had to consider if it was wise to continue with our event.

The team decided to go ahead, after all unity is what we after. So off to the park we went. The event went forward without a hitch as people came together to celebrate our diverse community in spite of what was happening around our country. This time we had some pick n pay vouchers as prizes and our favorite MC Etym gave them out to people that had the right answers to trivia about Du Noon.

After another full day of watching and listening to the best of Du Noon’s talent the crowd was satisfied. And the sun set on another fun day in Du Noon.

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