Honestly I think this team is probably the biggest success story for myDunoon this year. Proud doesn’t even begin to explain how we feel about the 4 youth that represented us as a finalist team in 2015 Innovate the Cape competition.

This team identified one of the big problems we have in Du Noon. Our youth have limited exposure to the career possibilities out there. This lack of knowledge produces a bunch of uninspired youth that tend to make un-informed decisions that lead them straight into cycles of poverty and substance abuse.
This team decided that instead of sitting back they would do something about this. Organizing professionals from different fields they hosted sessions that allowed students to hear what careers were out there. They organized outings so that students could get out and see firsthand the jobs they were hearing about.

In just the short 8 weeks of the competition, this team on top of their incredibly full schedule dedicated most afternoons to plan and work on this project. Although they had a mentor, the competition is geared to see the students learn to take initiative. We were super impressed with this group. With very little help from their school they organized everything by themselves. Most people outside our community will never fully understand this accomplishment, but after organizing many events here in Du Noon we can honestly say they far exceeded our expectations. I remember laughing at our chairman at the persistence of these students, if we stalled in delivering on a promised favor we got an ear full.

They are still fired up and next year will continue to grow this idea. Keep a look out for this incredible student run project, showing us what #ubuntungoku is really about.

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