The first event for myDunoon took place on Saturday the 7th of March. It was as successful as a first event could be, and although we had nothing really to compare it too, a few hundred people were engaged. Around 20 incredibly talented artists performed, so that has got to be something šŸ™‚

Up to this point it felt as if the general community was standing back and waiting to see if this ‘myDunoon’ thing would actually happen. In the past, people have had great intentions. Sadly, many proposed projects are swamped by challenges and don’t get off the ground. So, waking up on Saturday we knew that no matter what, the show would have to go on.

Of course the challenges come. At 8.30 two members of the team knocked on my door explaining how we no longer had sound (the most important part of any township event Iā€™m told). But, in true ‘myDuNoon’ spirit, we put our head together and started coming up with solutions. Then off we went on a treasure hunt. A DJ that didn’t believe in phones, a Chinese tavern owner swearing at us as he opened the door in his (teddy) pajamas, a local business man, a producer who we found at a potato shop, a pastor and a handful of other musicians generously lent a hand and we finally collected what we needed to nearly burst my eardrums. I was amazed that what could have turned out to be a disaster ended up being such a blessing because as we went we could spread the word, and people got on board.

Eventually by 12pm african time (1.30pm), after our MC disappeared for his midday bath, we kicked off the event. The most incredible young dance group, rappers, dj’s, poets, choirs and dancers followed. By 5.45 I sternly told the guys that – for real this time – this was the last performance!

The community was impressed and Rumour has it there is an excitement for the next one.

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