After discussing how to celebrate this month, the men suggested we use our monthly event to honour the women in our community. We mixed it up by using our community hall as a venue instead of our usual outside park set up. It was a risky move as we knew that the locals have an interesting mindset when it comes to events at the hall on the side of the community and it could limit the attendance. But by midday the honored guests arrived ready to listening to performances themed around celebrating women. The men supported from the back enjoying the performances as much as the women, although looking longingly at the snacks they were missing out on.

It was great to see some older women from the community attend. Some even taking the mic to encourage us all to keep on dreaming and proactively trying to change our community. We loved reading the notes we had left on the table to fill in dreams that the women had for Du Noon, realizing we really are all in this together.

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